Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Report From Saudi Secret Weapon.

I spoken to my Saudi friend in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he told me something I was suspicious, but was not fully aware. Recently the King Abdullah of Saudia appointed his nephew and former Saudi ambassdor to Washington, Prince Bandar bin Sultan as new National Security head, but Saudis are faced by major problems internaly and externaly, particularly Iranian Nuclear program.
Thanks to soaring oil price, the Saudis are enjoying surpluss budget and a lot of cash to move around. Prince Bandar known for his western clothe and his irrisistable charms,seduced and won friendship of every President since Reagan, he is sauve, magnanimous former Pilot and he is inspired to become the King of Saudia, One day.
The new National Security head, according to my source has a budget of more than 10 billion dollars, and sole function will be to acquire the Saudis a nuclear bomb. Iran will have one within next five years, and Saudis are already working on. The King paid well publicised visit to India, Pakistan, China, and Indonesia, as usual many gifts were given, some politicians bought through luxrative contracts. Saudis send indirect mesagge to Iran sole provider; Russia, besides Saudis Have more money than Iran.
The Nuclear arms Race I predicted is here, Ladies and Gentelmen, according my source Prince Bandar will achieve what he sought for, and he is capable of doing the mission he was set on, having his father as Minister of Defence with a budget of 10 Billion dollars, plus a lot of expenses, as he told to American journalist about Saudi corruption, he said " we did not invent, if...some money were stolen... So what", and that will be Saudi answer to Bush or whomever occupies the White House once this come to the light, Iranians has one, Israelis has one, so we have one too, so what ! indeed So what.


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