Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ayatollah next move: Nuclear

More farce and diversion about those bloody cartoons, while Iranian leaders are quietly making thier own bomb, and Tony Blair and Europeans failed to stop them. Leaders in Iran are using the public anger toward west and of course, Muslim leaders favorite enemy; Israel. To boil public anger already simmiring with high unemployment, and lack of public services, Iran whether we like it or not will join the club, and to understand what kind of leaders rule with insane mentality, read next report:

A prominent Iranian newspaper said it was going to hold a competition for cartoons on the Holocaust in reaction to European newspapers recently republishing the prophet drawings. Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the Prophet Muhammad drawings were an Israeli conspiracy motivated by anger over the victory of the militant Hamas group in last month's Palestinian elections.

The Iranian newspaper Hamshahri invited foreign cartoonists to enter its Holocaust cartoon competition, which it said woulAhmadinejad, the former Tehran mayor known for his opposition to Israel.d be launched Monday. The newspaper is owned by the Tehran Municipality, which is dominated by allies of President Mahmoud

Iran will join soon the world most exculesive club, according to nameless official of Bush administration, Iran has the money and technology, all we can do is delay, but they will have it. Strange enough the regime in Tehran don't pay that much attention, most dangerous and obivious is Saudis will seek material to produce thier own bomb, great mistrust and hatred between Riyadh and Tehran is well known, and once now Saudi and other gulf Sheiks lost the buffer between them and Iran, namely Saddam Hussien. Once the nuclear appears in middle east, we will witness a competition between Saudis, Iran, and Egypt.
Israelis has one for a long time, and it is open secret, they never made big deal about it, but once Iran and conservative clergy got one, they will at least help Saudis for thier search of ultimate weapon. Saudis and the rest of Arab world pressured members of IAEA and India and Pakistan not to assist Iran's bomb, but as yesterday reported by New York Times, Washington will not object against Iranian bomb, besides it's too late and Bush and his team are not interested another war, Iraq is already failed, nothing is coming out except more death.
Clergy in Iran who despise Israel and Sunni Saudis in same way, will be very much risk to let them have a bomb, and once they got one, I for one will not visit middle east.
President Bush must face upcoming danger of Persian gulf, showing sign of weakness to Iran will trigger new Nuclear arms race betweeen two or more largest oil producers in the world. Pres.Bush must pay attention this catastorphe, before Ayatollah Khameini creates another holocaust.


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