Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The heat is on; 2008

Both Senators are expected to run 2008 presidential election, although Sen.Obama remains very popular among Moderate Democrats, it's hard to predict his chance on national election. McCain needs moderate democrats to win the election, by nature they are competing among same constituency.
Our Beloved and hated former Senator Edwards is expected to run again in 2008, he was spotted around traingle lately, perhaps aiming to win his own state at least next election.

Sen.McCain, in a Letter to Obama Monday:"I concluded your professed concern for the institution and the public interest was genuine and admirable. Thank you for disabusing me of such notions.""I'm embarrassed to admit that after all these years in politics I failed to interpret your previous assurances as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in politics to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble."

Obama, Replying to McCain's Letter:"The fact that you have now questioned my sincerity... is regrettable but does not in any way diminish my deep respect for you nor my willingness to find a bipartisan solution to this problem.""It was in this spirit [of collegiality] that I approached you to work on ethics reform, and it was in this spirit that I agreed to attend your bipartisan meeting last week."


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