Wednesday, February 08, 2006

US gives Israel $10 Million a Day

Wednesday, 8, February, 2006 (09, Muharram, 1427)

Israeli Forces Kill 3 Palestinians.

GAZA CITY, 8 February 2006 — Two Palestinian militants were killed yesterday in the latest Israeli airstrike on Gaza while Special Forces shot dead a top armed leader in the West Bank as Israel vowed to continue targeting activists. Two members of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, linked to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ defeated Fatah movement, were killed in what was the fourth Israeli airstrike on Gaza in three days, sources said.

The slain men were named by Fatah sources as Mohammed Abu Shareya, a 25-year-old Al-Aqsa field commander and fellow fighter Suhale Abu Bakr. Medics said three bystanders were also wounded in the blast. Just hours earlier the leader of Islamic Jihad’s armed wing in the West Bank was shot dead by Israeli Special Forces following a lengthy shootout in Nablus.

Meanwhile, a Hamas leader said yesterday it was very likely that one of its members would become Palestinian prime minister after winning parliamentary elections last month. Hamas officials are holding talks in Egypt about forming a new Palestinian government following the group’s landslide victory in the Jan. 25 poll. They have said they want a new administration to include the defeated Fatah faction, which long dominated Palestinian politics, but had not previously said they expected to secure the post of premier.

What we are not informed is how much money we give to State of Israel, 10 Million a day,By American Taxpayers, according to US officials, That money helps Israelis to occupy Palestinians and subjugation of more than 4 million Palestinians. Many Americans are not aware there are more than one Million Palestinian Christians, and Palestine is under foreign occupation condemned by UN,EU,AU, the entire world, except our government in Washington, who don't see occupation of Palestine as important as freedom of Iraqis.


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