Monday, February 06, 2006

Danger in the Middle East.

I tried to avoid the little farce between so-called Free speech advocates in old Europe, and ever sensetive Islamic world. Unlike many Muslims I saw the cartoons in question and found it's nothing but publicity and provocation seeking bored Danish ugly cartoons, No picture looks like the Prophet and as a Muslim, I have not found a reason to end up the pocket of those who trying to provoke me, I am a Muslim, not because what others say about my religion, but simply a question of faith, but we learn two lesson;
First, we now know that the great Liberal nations of Denmark and Sweden is riddled with racsim and xenophopia, they are as diseased as any society, their social and intellectual conditions were prefabricated to please their imagined Image of themselves as enlightenten Europeans, the point is Europeans, whether is France, Germany, Italy or northern cousins are sick and full of fear that Muslims are coming jingoism.
Second, Muslims are willingly giving up their rights to ignorant Mullahs and overweight politicians, in that order what they recieve is diversion of real problems in the Muslim world, as it been seen around the world and proclaimed the Imam of Mekkah, this cartoons united Muslim world, if that is the case then, Muslim world has a bigger problem than cartoons. The Main problem is the lack of open discussions, the hatred between Sunnis and Shia muslims are legendery, but we are not allowed to discuss honestly and openly, why? Last year I had a long debate ( I forced them to debate with me ) a group of Arab students in US, of course they dispise America, but they want the Education and dollars, after I nagged the leader of the group, a young man who claimed has a great knowledge of Islam, Why we cannot talk the first Islam civil war? what happened? His reply was swift and to the point, Imam Thaymiya(Ancient Syrian God father of modern day Radicalsim) forbid to talk about it, the matter he said was solved through the blood, and we should leave it that way. I become curiuos, well what is your opinion about Shia Muslims? They are nothing but infedels, and I take refuge to Allah for not being born Shia, was his answer without feelings, but he believe it every word he said to me. I was shocked and disgusted this hatred, that is for me worst than any suicidal Danish cartoonist statement. The heart of Muslim world, we are showered with hate and dispair, Just watch half and hour of Sheikh Qardaawi of Al-Jazeera, most popular TV preacher, (yes, we have our own TV preachers, thanks to American inspiration) and you will see how much hate and intolerance he disturbutes in matter of seconds, all he does is to forbid things he has no idea about it, or condemn people behaviour, he calls names to Jewish people, and Christians, obviously to Sheikh Qardaawi has no symapthy towards them, or anyone else who don't practise his version of Islam, but no one says anything about this filth when it reaches our homes and places of worship,Muslim world publish with immunity pictures of ugly Jewish and Americans, blood dripping, money stealing Jewish men, that would make proud Nazi propoganda, in mean time no one asks to behave responsible, and the respect of fellow human beings who just happens to be non-Muslim, this deeply hypocritical world everyone is loser, unless we come to our senses and stop demonizing our fellow humans.
I will not pretend that solution is here, but I will call complete cease fire, Muslims to go back their real issues and stop acting like a victims of European racism, besides more we cry out, more ridiculous we look and sound, get use to it, move on, nothing a Danish says changes my mind about Prophet Mohammed, so are you. As far is concerns me the European papers can publish anything their xenophopic media needs to sell papers, we make our point not to make fun or riducule our Prophet, and I know they got the messagge.


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