Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why I am Not a Radical?

As a Muslim, I have to explain about Islam to anyone, most of the people have no clue about Islam, same way most Muslims have little and no correct information about United States, I suggest to learn each other civilized ways.
Many Americans got information through news media, if it's about Middle east, the expert is always (except token Muslims) a Jewish person, most are bias against Islam and Muslims, the common hatred between many Muslims and Jewish people is mutual.
I am not anti-Semite for simple reason of that I am a Semitic, a fact many Americans are ignorant about it, lately Thomas Friedman of NYTimes, and many pundits had written books, articles to misinform American public about angry hateful Muslims, which is the point I want to explain once for all.
My family Islamic background dates back before the migration of prophet Mohammed to Medina, the beginning of Islamic calendar, I am grandson of Islamic jurist and a Judge, I know about Koran and Islamic Laws, and there is nothing in both that teaches hatred or terror, in fact Islam forbids killing,rape and subjugation.
Islamic radicals are product of societies that has been betrayed by their own leaders, Majority of Muslim countries are under corrupt dictatorship, Many unemployed, frustrated young people went to either west or the mosque, and those who went to Mosque are the Radicals, not all of them.
How can a man of tolerance accept the words of hate preacher such as Sheikh Qaradawi?Or follow the ignorant power hungry Bin Laden? What happen the civil societies in the Muslim world?
Unless we fight this disease of bigotry ourselves no one will win the so-called Islamic radicals, United States must accept and encourage the voices of moderate Muslims, and support any democracy in the Islamic world, as I wrote many times, the Islamist wants to govern, and people wants regimes change without the invasions.
I hope next time people will read more careful and try to understand that I don't have to go through cavity search, suspicion and Islamicphopia, that is what water carriers of Israel are scribbling newspapers and yelling on Foxnews.
We are Part of each other. Lets not allow radicals define us.


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