Tuesday, February 14, 2006

US & EU : Muslims Make a Wrong Choice

Most condescendingly is when someone pretends to know what is good for you, you behave this way and you will get a prize, otherwise you get the beating, that is what EU and US are conducing Muslims everywhere, If they make a wrong choice and vote for undesirables ( Hamas, Muslim brotherhood, etc) that option will lead in a bad direction, if you behave right and follow our direction and approve our selected leaders such as Mohmoud Abbas, Mubarak of Egypt and other incompetent desert rats, then you shall receive the candy.
US and Israel are working with old and obese leaders of Al-Fatah, according to some resources, they are planning to hold the money from PA and create political instability in Palestine. Against the wishes of majority of Palestinian people who voted for Hamas, The contumacious Islamic party. Hamas refused to denounce the violence and recognition of State of Israel, European and US ordered and pressured to do that, but Hamas as I suspect are playing the game of Naughty boy who can and will not apologize unless Israelis do the same.
Israel declared war against Hamas and killed many members, without condemnation from EU or US, it's very amusing to see where this will lead. Those who are calling for a new Election in Palestine are dangerous to the long term interest of the people of US and the rest of the world. We must learn to respect the wishes of others. Pres.Bush Was the one who advocated the democracy in the Middle East, and it's sad to see last Sunday on CBS, Ms.Rice to duck the reality that US government was caught with no plan or actual any strategic plan for what will be outcome of free and democratic Islamic world.
In Years, I wrote and whispered anyone who has ears; once given a ballot, the majority of Muslims will vote Islamist Parties, because they are less corrupt and to ameliorate their lives. Moreover, they never had a power, give them chance to succeed or fail, they are much better than what we got now.
Egypt declared yesterday ($3 Billion a year from US taxpayers) there will be no elections in two years, Washington and Cairo are afraid the outcome of the election and a victory of Islamist parties, I expect Morocco will follow the path, most of polls shows Islamist parties far ahead than secular parties, The economy of Morocco is in bad shape, chronic unemployment, raising cases of HIV/AIDS, gap between the poor and rich, of course the Islamist will win once given the chance.
I have no sympathy toward Islamist parties, but as a realistic person, I believe we must talk to them and soften their approach and views of violence and world affairs, I know deep down, they want to govern, (Example the current Turkish leaders) not to destroy, and besides they are much better administrators than current obese, useless, timorous.
Let us give them a chance with a warning; Govern right, defeating them with risible plans are more dangerous, they won and let them prove to Palestinian people they can lead also, and US must denounce the undemocratic move of Mubarak regime to postpone the elections.
" Right temporarily defeated is stronger than Evil triumphant" MLK.Jr.


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