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Sunni & Shi'ah Muslims:The Roots of Hatred

The history of Islam is quite mute or partial about the First Muslim civil war, which divided the Islamic Empire and community the Prophet Mohammed founded. Many Sunni scholars refused or simply reject any notion of Mohammed's intention of his successor. Shi'ah Historians insist that Mohammed proclaimed his cousin and son-in law Ali bin Abi Thalib as his successor or Khalifah during his last Haj.

Mohammed died at his beloved wife Aishah's house,the community was deeply hurt and there were loud jeremiads about immortality of their beloved messenger of God. Abu Bakr, respected friend of Mohammed and father of Aishah called the community and gave one of the most memorable speeches, he concluded that "Mohammed was a man, and mortal, those who worship him, he is a dead man, if you worship to your creator, the God of the earth (Allah) is alive and never dies". Community buried Mohammed and gave allegiance to Abu bakr as the Khalifah.
Ali and his wife, the only surviving offspring of Mohammed were not happy, the entire propinquity of Mohammed's Bani Hashim clan were disappointed considered leadership will remain among Bani Hashim clan, besides Ali's knowledge of Islam was ahead of all the remaining comrades of early days of Islam. Ali the first Muslim and close companion of Mohammed was considered as his successor, Ali was a General, a Poet, and strong handsome man, His talents and closeness to the Prophet earned him many enemies.

Abu Bakr ruled a few years, he appointed his successor, Omar bin Khatab, old friend of Mohammed and great warrior,Abu Bakr died in his home,only leader who was not assassinated until the rule of Ummayids. Omar ruled the golden age of Islam,his generals conquered Quds, and ruled with iron fist and Justice. Omar was assassinated while praying. Ali was offered to become a leader but turned down, after conditions he demanded were not met, so it was offered old companion of Mohammed's named Osman bin Afan of Ummayid dynasty,Old man in his eighties, his clan Umamyids were and remained secretly the archenemy of Mohammed and his Banu Hashim clan. In the early days of Islam,Ummayids fought Mohammed harshly and killed Mohammed's Uncle Hamza. Ummayids were natural rulers of Arabia,Elite politicians and considered their position to rule new Islamic Empire. They converted to Islam and forgiven by Mohammed upon conquest of Makkah.
Osman appointed positions of his government to his clan of Ummayids. When disgruntled Muslims killed the Osman, Muslims went to Ali's house and pledged allegiance, Ali was still able man, although his wife Fatima the daughter of Mohammed died. He hesitated but accepted to save what he called Mohammed's community from civil war,and corrupt regime.

Ali became leader 25 years after the death of Prophet, immediately his rule was challenged by Ummayids, their leader who was Governor of Sham ( Syria) Mu'awiyah Ibn Abu Sufiyaan, son of Mohammed's number one enemies; his parents Hinda and Abu Sufyan ibn Harb were notorious enemy of Mohammed. The father of Mu'awiyah never accepted Islam except to save his life and property.
Ali inherited anarchy and disorganized regime, some old companions of Mohammed pledge allegiance, some refused to give oath to Ali, the conspiracy against him was not secret,influential families were among them, Ali refused to use force and waited time for truce, The biggest challenge came from Mu'awiyah, The Governor of Syria. Muawiyah refused to obey the new Khalifah for a reason that the killers of Osman were still free, as long those responsible are not caught and punished, he will not pledge no allegiance, and suggested that Ali Party (Shias) were behind the assassination of Osman. Two of old companions of Mohammed ( Zubayr and Talha ) broke their oath to Ali and declared open insurgence against Ali.
Enemies of Ali and the Prophets Family included the beloved wife of the Prophet, Aishah who encouraged open antagonism toward Ali and Banu Hashim clan.

Ali's loyal supporters called themselves,( Shiata-Ali) or Party of Ali, and remain loyal to him and the blood family of the Prophet, after Ali was killed by disgruntled supporter, The entire Islamic Empire split in two, Powerful Muawiyah and Ummayid dynasty who ruled from Syria, and small despised but gradually achieved prominence in Iran and Iraq, Shia Muslims, who believe that The Prophet and his family are rightful rulers of Muslim Empire and mourn till today the assassination of Ali and Massacre of His children in Kerbala,Imam Hussein's death, the Ashurah. Muslims of Umayids killed all those who had any blood relation to the Prophet, after Ummayids were defeated by another clan of Bani Hashim, certain uncle of Prophet Mohammed's Abbas Bani Hashim. The new rulers Abbasids moved to a new Capital they founded in Baghdad, persecution against Prophets descendents never ceased, they were hunted and killed. Muslims who stayed loyal to Ummayids are what they called Sunnis, who are majority of 1.5 Billion Muslims of the world, Shia Muslims are majority only in Iran, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait and almost half of Population in Lebanon.
Sunni historians and dissemenator damaged and mendacious called Ali loyalist as fake Muslims who worship not to Allah but Ali, there is no evidence any Shia's except small minorities who believe Ali was the Prophet,many contribution of Shia Muslims were ignored, such as Azhar University, which was founded by Shia Muslim rulers of Egypt,The Fatimds, but today is center of Sunni Muslims learning.
Although many claim as descendents of Mohammed or Ali, there is no evidence that anyone who have blood relation to the Prophet is alive, Sunnis make sure they killed them all centuries ago. Direct abuse and discrimination Shia Muslims face in Islamic countries is beyond comprehension, Majority of Sunnis consider Shias as infidels and worst, Shias has been persecuted in Saudia,Kuwait, Bahrain and the biggest butcher of Shias's Saddam Hussein who killed,tortured Shias without any condemnation from Sunni Muslims. The Taliban regime massacred Shia communities in Afghanistan, this hatred toward Shia's were nurtured by sunni scholars last thousand years, even Syrian Sheikh Taymiyah wrote, "Ali and Muawiyah conflict were solved through sword, it's behind us"
I wonder if revered Sheikh is aware that silence means acceptance, that we accepted murder of Ali and his son Hussein who was butchered unkind and viciously with his family in Kerbala was grandson of the Prophet, and was killed by Yazid bin Muawiyah shameful ways, I think the Sheikh Taymiyah popular nowadays among radicals has no feelings between right and wrong, but only the victories one is with God, one fails because God is not his side, Thousands of years produced silence of majority Muslims about crimes committed against our beloved Prophet's family, it's farce to see same people who slaughtering and committing every incendiaries in the name of Prophets cartoons are the ones who never acknowledge the history of persecution against our Muslim brothers, the Shia's. Another evidence of Sunnis hatred toward Shias was the bombing of the Mosque of Prophets Grandson in Iraq, The Sunni midget King of Jordan is alarmed by Majority Shia in Iraq with good relationship with powerful Iran, and openly advocating more power for sunni minorities in Iraq.
This is prove that Sunnis never let go suspicion and hatred toward Shias, and coming weeks or so we will witness the power of Brutes such as Moktada al Sadr and other radicals of both sides, who are anticipating another civil war, with new weapons and more technology it will be catastrophe was right those who don't remember the past and condemned to repeat it.
This history's long and needs more detailed version will be available upon finishing my Historical Novel, ( Ali). If you need more info or comment contact me, and I am a sunni Muslim, whatever that means.


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