Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ahmadinejad: Palestinian Nation's Will Greatest Power to Solve Mideast Crisis

Iran's Radical President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here on Monday in a meeting with Head of the Political Office of Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, Khalid Mashal that the Palestinians now have the strongest position in the Middle East peace process.
Ahmadinejad stressed, "Today the Palestinian nation's will is the greatest power in the Middle East and by voting in favor of Hamas the Palestinians emphasized their ideal of resistance till the liberation of their country and the enemies cannot confront that will." Speaking to Dr. Mashal and his accompanying delegation, the IRI President said that the Palestinian nation's support for Hamas is your greatest political asset, adding, "The Palestinians' vote in this election was to the liberation of the entire occupied territories through continuation of resistance and the establishment of an independent Palestinian country."

He said that the victory of Hamas meanwhile reflected the historic will of the Palestinians for choosing a new path and for leading a new type of life, adding, "The Palestinian nation's will annulled the Oslo Agreement, the Road Map project, and all previous plans for Middle East."

The President added, "Hamas victory proved the Palestinian nation's will for deciding their fate independently, despite the opposition of the superpowers and Western countries."

Emphasizing that the philosophy behind the existence of the Zionist regime has been put under serious question today, Ahmadinejad said, "The occupying regime of Holy Qods was established on a sad day when the Muslim nations were unfortunately asleep."

He added, "That regime's establishment and its sixty-year aggressions against the Islamic countries have all been at the service of ensuring the interests of the West, but today we have the wave of Islamic awakening, and the gradual collapse of the hegemony of the West, which is the reason why the occupiers do not feel at ease within the occupied lands."

Referring to the plots hatched by enemies for halting the process of the victories of the resistance movement by depriving them of the opportunities, Ahmadinejad warned, "You should be aware not to fall prey to political fractions within Palestinian groups and beware that our popular government is taking shape under such conditions that a large part of your country is still occupied."

The head of the Political Office of Hamas Khaled Mashal, too, during the meeting referring to the "astonishing victory" of his resistance group in recent elections said, "Hamas has said ever since the early results of elections were being announced that the Palestinian nation's victories can continue from now on."

He said, "Hamas would soon take responsibility as the Palestinian Authority and push forth the Palestinian nation's ideals despite all hardships ahead, and we are determined not to yield to the mounting pressures that are already evident."

Khaled Mashal meanwhile stressed that Hamas would never retreat from its basic stand of not recognizing the legitimacy of the usurper Zionist regime, to keep insisting on the basic right of all Palestinian refugees to return to Palestine, and for freedom of all Palestinian inmates from horrendous Israeli prisons.

Iran's ruling conservative clergy offered Millions of Euros to help the new Hamas led government, Thanks for high oil prize and booming economy in Iran, also Mr.Mashal met Iran supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini, and chief of intelligence.


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