Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The New Rise of Islamic Radicals

Since President Bush called democratization in the Middle east, the Islamic radicals used this alien weapon to achieve the power, either with ballot or bullet. Lugubrious mood of west and the new life of Islamic radicals are blamed to democratization of Muslim world.
Hamas won and is bound to rule Palestinians under Israeli subjugation, US, European ever attentive to Israelis demands refused and cut off all the aid to Palestinians, which in due course will find other sources of income such as Iran, rich Oil Arab countries, and exiled Palestinian Diaspora. Hamas leaders are sharp and clever and achieved their success through patience and terror, Now that they won the election, they will need to govern with moderate views, as long they don't seem to betray those who elected them. Isolating Hamas will not help no one, besides let them rule and fail if necessary.
Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Jordan and many other countries Islamic Radicals are using Hamas strategy of bullet or ballot.

Recalcitrant Islamic courts in Somalia are encouraged by Hamas, they are consolidating their power through bullet, they already have the poor majority of population support, simply, the Islamic Radicals with all their faults are no corrupt. Who is funding them? Iran? Saudi? Al-Qaeda?
The answer is far beyond those countries, Islamist are better organized than so-called secularist, and they found new blood to reinvent their popularity through risible cartoons of the our beloved Prophet Mohammed(MPUH).

I assure you Pres. Bush is not mistaken by Democracy in middle east, only real representative of the people can negotiate with the West, not corrupt obese leaders of our so-called friends. United States must respect the wishes of the majority of Muslim People, and become honest broker of peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.


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