Friday, March 03, 2006

Egyptian Police Detained a Leading Member of the Opposition

CAIRO - Egyptian police detained a leading member of the opposition Muslim Brotherhood and six other members in Cairo on Friday, Brotherhood officials said.
After Egyptian Dictator Hosni Mubarak told his nation " Americans and western countries are no longer interested democracy in the Muslim and Arab Countries, Bush and neocons dreams about democracy was killed after Islamist took advantage and won elections in Palestine, Iraq and 88 seats in Egyptian parliament.

Police and intelligence officers went to the home of Rashad Bayoumi, a member of the group's 13-member Guidance Office, near the Giza pyramids and took him away for questioning, one official said. The office acts as the Brotherhood's executive committee.

Bayoumi is the most senior Brotherhood member detained since Essam el-Erian, now head of the political department. He was released in October after five months in jail without trial.

In a separate raid in the south Cairo suburb of Maadi on Friday, police detained six members of the Brotherhood active in student politics, the officials said.
"It (the detention) could be a message to the Brothers that the government is not going to change its way of dealing with them, even if the Brotherhood has 88 seats in parliament" added Abdel Galil el-Sharnougi, one of the officials.

An Interior Ministry spokesman said he had no information about the detentions.

The Brotherhood won the seats in last year’s elections, emerging as the largest opposition force in the country.After the elections the authorities gradually released without trial or charges hundreds of members and organisers held during the campaigning. Only one member has been charged with an offence related to the elections.

Membership of the Muslim Brotherhood is against the law, making it possible for the police to detain members at any time. But the organisation has an office open to the public and its candidates did not hide their affiliation during the elections.

Egypt is largest Arab country(Pop.80M). Sec. Of State Ms.Rice refused to meet elected members of Muslim Brotherhood during her visit to Egypt, when Egyptian Dicatator gave her subjucation lessons.

Egyptian goverment will arrest all the leading Islamist next week, the plan was approved by Washington, and Democracy in the middle east is dead.


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